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15. August 2018

More than 100 years’ experience with professional pig breeding combined with world-class genetics expertise – this is the recipe for Danish Genetics, a new strong breeding company in the global market for pig production.

Our mission is to be one of the leading and most efficient breeding companies in the global market

Danish Genetics was established on 15 August 2018 by 25 of Denmark’s most experienced breeders, multiplication specialists and vendors, who all guarantee that their breeding animals have maximum genetic value and a high health status. The parties behind Danish Genetics export breeding animals and genetics to more than 40 countries and have more than 37,000 pure-bred breeding sows.

 With this genetic volume, Danish Genetics has a world-class breeding programme from day one. However, our ambitions reach further than this. We want to create one of the world’s most innovative breeding programmes, which can improve the profitability of our customers’ pig production around the world.

The potential lies in the genes, and Danish Genetics therefore cooperates with Roslin Technologies, University of Edinburgh. Roslin Technologies employs more than 500 researchers and geneticists and is one of the world’s most dynamic organizations in the field of animal genetics.

Thanks to many years of targeted research, development and breeding work, the Danish pig breeding industry has delivered strong results and top-class animals with the traits and the health status that are in demand in commercial markets.

Danish Genetics wants to continue this development through our breeding programme. Our breeding targets for Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc are based on our strong genetics population and the traits we have targeted in our breeding, such as growth rate, feed utilisation, birth of live piglets, meat percentage and strength. However, breeding targets need to move with the times and reflect the priorities and preferences of customers and markets. As part of our future development work, we wish to liaise with our customers to identify what new traits would speed up breeding progress and improve the financial returns for our customers.

We, the professional partners behind Danish Genetics, endeavour to be more than just suppliers. We do not hide behind a large organisation but prioritise direct and personal contact with our customers around the world. We know that co-operation with our customers will create the best results.

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We look forward to continuing our good cooperation.

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