Company History

Breeders of Denmark was established in 2001. A man with an idea and a car - it was all that was needed to start, which today has evolved from a small one-man business to the company Breeders of Denmark A / S. After years with  own breeding herd and sales of breeding pigs in Denmark chose Jan Lembke Jensen in 2001 to establish Breeders of Denmark. It was the belief in being able to do it better than the established companies in the market that was the primary motivation to establish the company.

Since it's been non-stop. Through great diligence and ability to adapt to market the company has evolved into the leading exporter of breeding pigs. Breeders of Denmark has from the establishment and until 2010 had office in the home of Jan Lembke Jensen. In 2010, the site finally became too cramped and the company moved into new premises close to the motorway at Haderslev / Vojens.

Just being a visionary and the ability to adapt to the market have been a contributing factor in the success. With constant focus on our product, service and development of the organization we also expect a continued positive development.

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Breeders of Denmark A/S
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